" I have been a collector of Carol’s originals and beautiful giclee reproductions for many years. I especially love having her artwork in my office. I can pause in my day and feel transported to the peacefulness of the west coast. I can almost hear the seagulls calling and smell the freshness of the sea. Her talent with watercolours and acrylics is unsurpassed" J. Clark (Collector)
“Carol’s artistry has always amazed me and her subject detail makes me come back again and again.” W. Gerhardt (Collector)
"Carol has always shown such talent as an artist. Her most recent works really show her evolution and is a testament to her commitment. Her skies, water and mountains take you into the scene like a good friend and leaves you a little breathless - as if you had just hiked to this place and experienced beauty for the first time." L. MacLachlan (Collector)